Plant a tree to balance your carbon!

Benefits of Trees

Have you ever wondered how much carbon dioxide you emit during your lifetime? One of the great ways to reduce your carbon dioxide emission is to plant a tree! In fact, three trees would erase the carbon dioxide emitted in one lifetime. 

If this interests you, we want to help you achieve it. It's so much easier than you think. We are dedicated to educating the public on why trees are the best option for keeping the earth green and which trees are most environmentally effective, as well as provide all the help you need to plant more trees.  Here are just some of the benefits that trees provide:

1. Converting Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen.

2. Cooling the air. The amount of cooling a midsize mature tree can provide in its lifetime is equivalent to 40 air conditioners!

3. Reducing stress. 

4. Saving water. Unlike grass, an established tree doesn't need watering.

5. Reducing noise. 

6. Cleaning the air. Trees trap dust and pollutants in the air. 

7. Increasing property value. Assuming all other factors are the same, a house on a tree-lined street would be worth 5-15% more than one on a street without trees. In our area, that would translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, even though it's volunteering, planting trees in the neighborhood can actually be one of the highest paying jobs you can have.

What's stopping you from planting a tree?

1. I'm too busy. 

We would be happy to plant a tree on your property free of charge. Planting a tree in our neighborhood benefits everyone, not just the house next to it. It adds value to the whole community.

2. Trees take a long time to grow up to make an environmental impact. 

A thousand-mile journey starts with the first step. A tree planted today gives increasing environmental benefits each year — it's a great gift to our next generation. We never need to worry about when a tree will grow up; we just need to plant it. And time will take care of the rest.

3. I already have grass lawn, which is also green, so I don't need trees. 

Grass and small plants are not "green" in an environmental sense. First, they aren't nearly as effective as a big tree. One tree can absorb a hundred times more green house gas than grass covering the same area can. The environmental impact of grass and small plants may even be negative, considering that they need watering, cutting, pest control, and fertilizing, all of which take energy and natural resources to produce and have an environmental cost. A mature large tree needs none of that. Trees help cool the air. One mature tree is equivalent to 40 air conditioners, but it consumes no energy.

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