How to choose a tree

Selecting the appropriate type of tree is very important, but can also depend on personal taste. Some people prefer fruit trees, while others hate the mess that fruit trees produce. When selecting a tree, you should consider:


  1. Maintenance. Low maintenance means low environmental cost for a healthy tree. Cupertino has a warm dry climate. There are a number of trees that can adapt to this weather with zero maintenance. Our favorites are camphor and coastal live oak.

  2. Size. Plant the tree away from the house and close to the street. Think tree-lined street. It's not a good idea to have a large tree covering your house. If the location is away from the house and alone the street, you should choose a large sized tree. Note that the size of the tree is determined by the type, and not the size of its pot. A 5-gallon potted camphor will be bigger when grown than a 10 gallon potted rose bush.

Recommended Trees:

  1. Camphor trees(cinnamomum camphora): a large evergreen tree that grows 60-80 ft tall. It has glossy, yellowish green leaves and dark brown bark. The medium density shade from its light-colored top provides great shade yet still leaves enough light to feel airy and open. Camphor is also insect repellent.