Customer Testimonials

Hi Karen and Randy,


Our family is absolutely grateful to you for putting a beautiful tree in the long-deserted corner of our front yard.


To be honest, we thought about planting a tree there sometime ago, however, given our sprinkler system could not reach that small corner, we gave up the thoughts and kept it the way it was for several years. It is due to your passionate persuasion and profound knowledge on plantations that we finally realize a Camphor tree is the perfect choice for that spot. We are even more touched that you planted the Camphor tree all by yourself on a sizzling hot summer afternoon before our family returned home in the evening. This tree changes our front yard landscape, even our little pet bird loves to hop onto the new tree and enjoys the shade.  Most importantly, we are all deeply touched by your enthusiam on your mission to balance our carbon.


Thank you again. We will spread the words about your mission in our neighborhood so that everyone knows there is always something we can do to help our environment, no matter how little it is .




Hi Randy, Karen,
How are you?  Last night when I was doing dishes, I also enjoyed/appreciated the kifer tree you planted for us.  It's so beautiful.  I also noticed that someone trimmed off the small branches on the bottom tree trunk which made the tree looked even more beautiful.  Did you do that for us secretly?  :-)

We really enjoy the tree, and will never forget who planted/gifted to us.  Thank you.


Hi Karen,

You visited our house on Sunday. I want you to know that we would like to have an Eastern Redbud planted in the patch of dirt near our house. We are actually leaving for India in a few hours. We are leaving from there on the 15th of July, and I don't know when we will be back. If you need assistance, then I think we you should wait. Otherwise, feel free to plant while we are gone.

--The Das Family